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Nesvik & Partners

We help talent-driven organizations to recognize, develop and retain True Talent.

Just as any good business strategy involves making the right choices and the right investments, the same is true for workforce strategy. You need to invest disproportionately in the most strategic functions needed to execute your strategy.

Strong leadership throughout the organization is a prerequisite for successful strategy implementation in both private and public sector.

Leadership development

Strong leadership is a prerequisite for success in both private and public sector. We deliver practical oriented leadership programs focused on “the job that needs to get done”, tailored to the different leadership levels.

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Team development

Leadership teams have a crucial role in business. Research shows that around 40% of time spent in leadership team meetings is not used productively. What makes an effective leadership team?

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I partner with leaders who recognize that bringing out the best in them cannot be a solo effort. I treat every client as unique, and make an effort to understand the clients role, business challenges and key stakeholders in order to make the coaching relevant and actionable.

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Nesvik and Partners facilitate workshops within a range of areas tailored to your organization´s needs. Normally they last from 4 hours and up to a full day. It´s possible to set up two workshops in one day. The target group is leaders or HR professionals.

Who we are

Marita Nesvik is the founder of Nesvik and Partners AS. She holds a Master of Science from The London School of Economics, and has more than 15 years of experience from top HR positions in Finance, Energy and Telecom industry.

Her focus is mainly on leadership and team development, coaching and succession planning. She is also a trusted advisor to top management. Her clients are both private companies and government bodies.

Marita is a Certified Partner of The Leadership Pipeline Institute, and collaborate with highly qualified consultants in the Leadership Pipeline network globally.