About Nesvik and Partners

true ambition keeps momentum

Truly ambitious companies invest in themselves to continue to grow and not slow down. They find ways to keep their talent true, relevant and ahead of the curve. They commit to honing their skills and continuously push themselves to be better. At all levels of the company.

About Nesvik And Partners

We help Truly Ambitious leaders to not slow down in their development and career

Please take a few moments to self-reflect:

  • Is our organization Truly Ambitious?
  • What is a Truly Talented leader?
  • Do we know who in our organization is Truly Talented? 
  • How do we retain True Talent in our organization?
  • Do we have plans in place to develop their skills to maintain momentum?
  • Do I have the potential to continue to grow?

After all, if someone is Truly Talented, how do they keep their talent relevant? How do we ensure that it does not slow down? 

‘True Ambition keeps Momentum’ is more than just a slogan. It is the DNA around which Nesvik and Partners designs and develops unique services to its customers. Nesvik and Partners can help you get the most out of your Truly Talented employees and leaders – for the benefit of all involved.

Marita Nesvik is proud to be a certified partner and executive consultant of The Leadership Pipeline Institute.  

Leadership Pipeline is perceived as one of the most influential leadership models through the last two decades. A significant number of the FORTUNE 500 companies have successfully implemented the Leadership Pipeline as their main leadership infrastructure for selecting and growing leaders at all levels. Leadership Pipeline Institute is specialized in supporting organizations building an internal pipeline of qualified leaders and in creating empowered, performance- and execution-focused organizations. Working with us, you will receive acknowledged hands-on solutions that can be easily customized to your organization and are based on the experience from some of the world's most successful companies.

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