Main focus

Nesvik and Partners facilitate workshops within a range of areas tailored to the company´s needs. Normally they last from 4 hours and up to a full day. It´s possible to set up two workshops in one day. The target group is leaders or HR professionals.

The Leadership Pipeline concept

We give a thorough introduction to the Leadership Pipeline concept, and explore through practical exercises how the concept can be applied in your company.

HR strategy

We focus on how to develop a sound HR strategy - as a tool of implementing the business strategy. Depending on you company´s needs we also assist in evaluating current HR processes or develop new HR processes.

Stakeholder management

Running a successful project requires a high degree of stakeholder management. A stakeholder is anyone who has an interest in your project or will be affected by its deliverables or output. It´s important to understand the values and issues that stakeholders have so you can address them accordingly. In this workshop we give an introduction to stakeholder management, including stakeholder assessment and analysis.

Leadership assessment/Succession planning

We focus on techniques for how to assess leaders on leadership behavior as well as business results. We explore the extent to which the company has a pipeline of leaders to fill the company´s need for future leadership positions.


Coaching is helping others to see opportunities for improvement and supporting them in choosing among these opportunities. Coaching involves developing the abilities of others to find answers and develop perspectives themselves rather than providing these for them. It is about asking the good questions rather than merely providing the answers. 

In this workshop we introduce coaching as a method, and how to apply basic coaching techniques in daily situations. The participants engage in role play/practical coaching exercises.


Feedback needs to be part of any organisation that wants to develop. Getting structured feedback in the things we do or say is what makes us able to develop/adjust to the expectations.

In this workshop we give an introduction to different feedback techniques and to how to apply giving and receiving these in daily situations. The participants engage in role play/practical feedback exercises.