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Strong leadership throughout the organization is a prerequisite for success in both private and public sector. Being a certified partner with The Leadership Pipeline Institute, Nesvik and Partners deliver top notch leadership programs at all leadership levels.

how it works

Truly ambitious management teams not only ensure that they are ahead of the curve individually and as a team. They ensure that they keep a dynamic pipeline of leadership talents to secure a sustainable competitive edge for the company. Succession planning is a top management priority.

This is an era in which the demand for leadership greatly exceeds the supply. Many organizations need to look outside for leadership succession. They are attempting to hire stars, offering enormous compensation to attract the best and brightest. However, there is only so many full performing leaders around, and there is no guarantee that external candidates will succeed in your organization´s culture. This is risky business, and it gets even more risky at top management level.

“Today´s organizations need to build effective leaders at every level"

Because of the information technology revolution, rapid market changes and the challenges related to covid- 19, true leadership is required up and down the line. Leadership Pipeline offers a method that ensures that more managers than ever before will be prepared for, and placed, at the right leadership levels.  

Generic Leadership Pipeline model. To be tailored to your company.

Being a certified partner with the Leadership Pipeline Institute, I collaborate with consultants in the Leadership Pipeline network globally. We deliver top notch leadership development programs at all leadership levels.

The most central programs are "leading others" and "leading leaders". Above this level the programs are highly tailored to the organization´s specific needs.

In the challenging times of covid-19/home-office our customers want to ensure that they take care of their employees mental health and avoid that productivity drops  Due to this there is now a high demand for "Leading remote teams" and also "Leading self" programs. We can tailor the programs to your specific needs.

Our leadership programs are all practical oriented and focused on “the job that needs to get done” at the specific leadership level. All the programs are digitalized and can be delivered in Norwegian, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Chinese etc. This means that your company can develop a common focus and language for leadership throughout the organization. This will help you building a strong culture within your organization and to succeed with internal mobility across functions, location and boarder.

Please explore more about the Leadership Pipeline concept on Leadership Pipeline Institute

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